Best Practices In Selecting A Legal Services Provider – Legal Video

Professionalism In The Legal Services Environment

In the highly competitive legal services environment organizations recognize the advantages of superior levels of professionalism.  While there may be many providers in the marketplace that produce adequate products overall, the difference between them is often found in the attention to detail that they exhibit on a consistent basis.

Principles That Make The Difference.

“It all starts with great people and ends with leaders that set the expectation of perfection in themselves and from the team” according to Scott Forman, a longstanding Certified Legal Video Specialist and member of the National CourtMerrill Corporation Legal Video Reporting Association.  The following characteristics that promote a great service provider are not really a very big secret:

– Humble, courteous, respectful and kind customer service

– 100% prompt and timely service

– Perfect quality every time

– Strong relationships built on trust

– Attire that exhibits respect for the client and attention to detail

Mr. Forman believes that although most organizations are aware of these principles few have the quality people and/or the personal strength to demand compliance from themselves and of those around them to execute these principles effectively.  “I have always prided myself in trying to live up to these standards and have historically held these as the benchmarks for my teams, my leaders and the organizations for which I have had the pleasure to be associated with.  I am constantly on a mission to influence our organization locally and more broadly as well to maximize these principles to the highest levels attainable.  I am lucky to have a leader who respects these values, gives me a platform to voice them and who personally promotes them as well.”

The goal of this article was initially meant to inform readers of the qualities to look for in a Legal Videography provider.  During my interview with Mr. Forman his responses in regards to Legal Videography tended to be more global and broad in perspective.  “The things that one should look for in a Legal Videography provider are no different from what one would look for in any other aspect of Legal Services or ultimately any service universally.  The fact is that there are many who can adequately perform a given task on some level but the ones who separate themselves apart are the ones who innately understand and practice maximum customer service in all of its embodiment and who pay attention to detail.  If your provider consistently seems to be sweating the small stuff then this is an indication that they take what they do seriously and value you as a client.”

Mr. Forman also believes that for most instances in life you get what you pay for.  “Although we are very, very competitive in our pricing, it is less important to us than providing the best value for our clients.  Our goal is somewhat different from much of the industry in that rather than negotiating our quality away, we always strive to be the best provider of legal services in the world with pricing that allows us to achieve that lofty standard.”


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  1. June 4, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

    Great article – thank you Scott, Paula, and Allison.


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