Realtime on a touch screen? See how easy it is!

When was the last time you used your iPad® to download a song or an e-book? Good news: following a realtime deposition on an iPad® is just about that simple.

We’ve written in earlier posts about how intuitive and easy it is to monitor and mark realtime depositions on tablets and mobile devices. But often , a picture is worth a thousand words, so I asked realtime court reporter Sue Terry to show me more. “Sure,” she said, “Do you have a tablet? I can show you just about all you need to know in about ten minutes.”

Terry, an expert realtime court reporter, believes that tablets and smartphones are revolutionizing the world of depositions. After walking through a short demonstration on my iPad® with her, I believe she’s right.

For this demonstration, we used the Bridge™ Mobile deposition software. One very nice feature of this software is that it takes advantage of the best features of touchscreen technology to help you get around. This makes it so intuitive to use that I was comfortably navigating a deposition within a matter of minutes.

Here’s How Easy It Can Be

Log in? No problem. Terry gave me the URL to type into my web browser and I was good to go. A list of depositions in progress came up in a window and I simply touched the one I wanted, as in the example below:

Text too big or too small? Easy to fix. All I had to do was touch the “zoom in” or “zoom out” magnifying glass….


Need more room? I found those page/line numbers and times on the screen taking up too much room. Turns out they’re easy to hide. All you have to do is touch the “Settings” gear and your options pop up…



It’s easy to toggle these settings on or off while the deposition is in progress.

What about adding keywords? So simple. I went back into the “Settings,” touched the keywords tab and a keyword window popped up.


All I had to do was touch the screen to start typing. Once I entered a word, the software automatically searched for all instances of that word and highlighted them in the deposition.

Want to note and mark key issues? I could also mark issues in the same manner, by setting them up in the Issues tab. I touched the tab and an issue window popped up, where I could simply touch to create issues.


All I had to do after that was choose a spot in the transcript, touch the screen to mark it and the software would keep all instances organized for me, as well as marking them for me to see and annotate.


The software organizes each issue you note, and provides an easy way for you to look up each instance….


When I was done with a transcript, I could even request that my marked up version be emailed to my address. All I had to do was fill in this simple screen:


You get the idea. It’s tough to beat such an intuitive “touch and go” interaction offered by a tablet. It’s so user-friendly that it can draw out even the most hesitant user and having them working with the software in no time.

According to Terry, once an attorney tries the touch screen version, they often prefer a tablet for all future depositions. She now keeps several iPads® and iPad® minis on hand for all their depositions.

This and much more. Don’t take this short blog as a “complete” demo of software like Bridge™ Mobile on a tablet. The software will let you do much more. The best way to see if it is a fit for you is to ask a certified realtime court reporter to go through a demonstration with you.

Of course, the software and tablet is only as good as the content you’re working with. You still need the services of a certified realtime court reporter to capture those words for you.


Questions? We can help. Merrill Deposition Services offers full service realtime court reporting, in addition to our comprehensive transcription services. Please feel free to contact us at 800-292-4789 or via email at

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