Realtime Depositions – Evolving With The Times

We’ve all grown accustomed to seeing iPads®, iPhones® and other mobile devices virtually everywhere we look – at home, on the way to work and in the office. Mobile devices are also becoming more pervasive in the legal world. In fact, a growing number of attorneys now prefer iPads or other tablets for realtime depositions because they’re intuitive, easy to use and they deliver great functionality.

According to court reporting expert Sue Terry, accessing realtime depositions on a tablet is so much easier that she now keeps a stock of iPads® and iPad® minis on hand for her clients. She supplies iPads, but any Windows™-based, Mac®-based, Android®-based mobile device will work as long as it has an Internet browser to set up the realtime feed. “It’s simple – all the attorney has to do is go to a website, enter a password, choose the deposition, and the realtime text will start streaming to their device,” she said. Law firm staff or other resources such as expert witnesses can also log in from remote locations in the same way so they can be present without incurring the cost and time of travel.

A Different Kind of Realtime Deposition Experience

A big selling feature of today’s realtime software is that takes full advantage of touchscreen technology. “Now you can do things like touch the screen to zoom in and mark testimony or pinch the screen to shrink or enlarge the text,” said Terry, “Clients love these features.”

Terry also likes the freedom of movement provided by today’s wireless mobile devices. Gone are the days when attorneys had to sit in front of their notebook computer during depositions. Today, if counsel needs to confer outside the courtroom, they can take their iPad® or other device out of the room and continue to access the live testimony without being physically present.

These features sound pretty basic, but they’re transforming the deposition process. They deliver powerful benefits in the form of more interactive use of realtime testimony, increased productivity and greater mobility. Given the rapid adoption of mobile devices to manage realtime depositions, we can expect the legal profession to push for even greater legal functionality on their tablets or smart phones.

Where to Find Mobile Realtime Court Reporting Services

Going mobile in realtime is pretty easy. The key is to request a certified realtime court reporter from your court reporting agency. If the court reporter is certified, they’ll have the training to and experience to set up a realtime feed on a wide range of devices.


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