A Washington, D.C. based Am Law 100 firm had an urgent need for a court reporter and videographer to handle more than twenty depositions in South Africa.South Africa

The depositions would begin in just nine days. Having previously used the plaintiff’s deposition vendor with mixed results, defense counsel sought to change providers. After reaching out to several deposition vendors they contacted DTI. Specifically, they needed a realtime certified reporter with (1) an understanding of a British accent, (2) familiarity with Afrikaner and (3) experience working in South Africa. The defense team needed to interview any reporter candidate and choose a deposition provider within 24 hours.


Our client faced several challenges because of the extensive schedule and distant locations of these depositions: • Where to find a vendor that could send personnel to Johannesburg for a remote streaming test session. • What vendor could find a team in less than a week who could stay in Johannesburg for three straight weeks of depositions, including weekends and evenings. • Where to find a vendor who had a realtime certified reporter with experience in South African proceedings, understood Afrikaner and had experience with a variety of British accents. • How to schedule a phone interview with a potential reporter in less than 24 hours with international time differences.


At 3:00 pm on a Friday afternoon, case managers in the DTI Washington, D.C. office contacted their Hong Kong and Sydney counterparts to begin making arrangements. It was very early in the morning at both of these locations; 7am and 4am. We were also aware that our London office has extensive experience covering depositions in South Africa. Both offices knew that our London office has extensive experience covering depositions in South Africa. At 2:00AM UK time, just hours after our client first contacted us, the DTI London team found a uniquely qualified reporter and videographer who was available to spend three straight weeks in South Africa. Despite time zone differences, DTI arranged a phone interview that night between the defense teams in Washington, D.C. and the court reporter in Texas.


The defense team interviewed the DTI uniquely qualified realtime reporter and promptly selected DTI as their partner. The DTI reporter and videographer arrived in Johannesburg two days prior to the start of the depositions to ensure all internet access, streaming and videography were in order. The day before the depositions began, DTI performed a test for parties in Texas, DC and Johannesburg. In the end, 24 depositions took place in Johannesburg and were seamlessly streamed to multiple parties spanning various time zones.

The DTI international case managers in Asia, Europe, Australia and the U.S. collaborated flawlessly across multiple continents to achieve a successful result for our client on this matter. Without the fully staffed DTI global offices and technical infrastructure none of this would have been possible. DTI takes pride in providing unique global solutions. As the only U.S. based deposition provider with fully staffed international offices, we look forward to our next global project. References are available upon request for the project described here.