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2013 Best of the National Law Journal – Court Reporting = Merrill LAD | Merrill Corporation

Three years running – the TOP! Proud of our team as a whole! Across the globe we strive to instill in the Court Reporting industry professionalism, as well as, superior levels of quality & service. This is backed by a team that is part of a culture movement within Merrill – providing a secure environment, […]

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A Profile for Success – Meet Paul Diserio, Legal Videographer in Japan

Some videographers train specifically to work in the legal field; others find their way there as a result of their passion for the recorded image. Paul Diserio, founder and Operations Manager of Legal Video Asia, is a veteran film professional whose work includes still photography, broadcast and commercial videography. Since 1995, he and his team […]

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Best Practices In Selecting A Legal Services Provider – Legal Video

Professionalism In The Legal Services Environment In the highly competitive legal services environment organizations recognize the advantages of superior levels of professionalism.  While there may be many providers in the marketplace that produce adequate products overall, the difference between them is often found in the attention to detail that they exhibit on a consistent basis. Principles […]

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The Simplest Way to View & Digest Deposition Video

Originally posted on Epiq Court Reporting Blog:
Merrill Viewer for Desktop Video Viewing I have noticed over time that winning firms are choosing to use video depositions for many reasons. In addition to preserving testimony, video illustrates witness demeanor and is a powerful tool to impeach witnesses at trial. Video also reduces trial costs by…

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Remote Video Conferencing for Cost-Effective Depositions – and More

As technology evolves, competition between product manufacturers yields a steady stream of new solutions.  Benefiting from these are today’s legal professionals, who have more video conferencing capabilities than ever before at their disposal. Of course, law firms still rely on “traditional” video conferencing, which allows participants to attend from an already established conferencing facility.  But […]

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Repository - Transcript

Merrill LTR – Secure Transcript Repository

Organizing, storing, accessing and searching transcripts, video depositions and exhibits can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly when you have to work between multiple systems to juggle schedules and deposition-related documents. Merrill LAD offers customized solutions based on the size and or type of case. For large-scale litigation Merrill LTR makes the process much easier by providing you […]

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