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Merrill Deposition Services Expands Services with New Office in Detroit Metro Area

Merrill Deposition Services to provide local court reporting services in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Flint, and surrounding areas

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Leverage Smart Technology to Simplify International Deposition Management

Anyone who manages depositions knows just how much effort goes into ensuring that the right people and exhibits are at the right place at the right time. The process becomes even more complicated when the witness lives in another country. It can also be very costly. Anabela Otero, account manager for Merrill Corporation’s Deposition Services, […]

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Complex Court Reporting

As you work to prepare the best possible case for your client, deposition coordination can be time-consuming. Scheduling court reporters and videographers, booking conference rooms, and then distributing and reviewing transcripts requires a significant effort. Tight deadlines affect multiple calendars, making cross-country and global communications difficult. Recently, we worked with clients in more than 25 countries, not just […]

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Repository - Transcript

Merrill LTR – Secure Transcript Repository

Organizing, storing, accessing and searching transcripts, video depositions and exhibits can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly when you have to work between multiple systems to juggle schedules and deposition-related documents. Merrill LAD offers customized solutions based on the size and or type of case. For large-scale litigation Merrill LTR makes the process much easier by providing you […]

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Merrill LAD Legal Videography – Large Panel

    50 Participants + 14 Microphones + 2 Cameras + 2 Video Specialists = 1 Happy Client Just another day for the Merrill LAD video department! It amazes me how our video team thrives on taking on challenges, providing solutions and all the while making it look so easy. We appreciate our clients trusting […]

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Deposition Milestone

MERRILL LAD Team Breaks Court Reporting Record

It started as a typical busy week – 20 year MERRILL LAD employee Rebekah Febus (Senior Case Manager) and 12 year MERRILL LAD employee Steve Yahn (Scheduling Manager) went about their daily work routines with each of their team members. Little did they know what had just been achieved. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments involving mumbling […]

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